The Need for Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme (NNEdPro) is an award-winning and independently incorporated collaborative group for knowledge generation, translation and evaluation. The NNEdPro Group originally arose from the work of the British Medical Association representative within the Council of Europe Alliance (UK) on Hospital Food and Nutritional Care (2005-07) leading to the launch of the Ten Key Characteristics of Good Nutritional Care and the Department of Health Action Plan (2007) which recommended the formation of NNEdPro. Since its inception, NNEdPro has evolved from a single project, into a multi-faceted programme with a broad knowledge management remit across clinical and public health nutrition. Please read our brochure for a summary of our services and activities.

Overall, the inter-related aims of NNEdPro activity are:

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  • Delivery of Medical/Healthcare Nutrition Education
  • Research into Medical/Healthcare Nutrition Education
  • Nutrition Research for Translation to Medical/Healthcare Education
  • Building Capacity and Policy Impact in Medical/healthcare Nutrition for Practitioners, Researchers, and Educators


The University of Cambridge houses a world class Medical School, whilst Ulster University is home to leading Health Professions Schools, including Pharmacy. In Ulster, NNEdPro Group members deliver Nutrition Education to students and practitioners, particularly in the Allied Health Professions. In Cambridge, the NNEdPro Group is responsible for the delivery of Nutrition Education to medical students as well as other students/professionals without a formal background in Nutrition. NNEdPro is also a recognised associate of Cambridge University Health Partners.


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