Letter from the Co-Organisers:

Dear Delegates,

On behalf of the UK ‘Need for Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme’ (NNEdPro), we are pleased to invite you to the 3rd Annual International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research 2017 in Cambridge, UK.

This year, the theme of our conference is The Importance of Nutrition in Public Health and Healthcare.

On Day 1 we will focus on the importance of nutrition in healthcare and Day 2 will focus on implementation science and medical/healthcare nutrition education. We have engaged with stakeholders from over 20 countries, including medical student associations, medical education associations, patient representative groups and nutrition societies to develop a thought provoking and educational programme. The presentations and discussions will help plan collaborative projects that address the priorities, and advance on discussions from our 2016 Summit.

Registration for Summit 2017 is now open! Please find the Provisional Programme here for more information on our discussion sessions.


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Kind Regards,

Conference Organising Committee