The provisional Summit programme is now available! Please browse through it or see below for more details on the speakers and panel sessions.


Tuesday, August  1, 2017

Morning: Engagement with policy makers and commissioners

8.30 – 9.00 Registration Opens

Time Topic Speaker
09.00 Welcome and Summit Overview Celia Laur
Harrison Carter
09.10 Global Scene Setting on Nutrition Policies Prof Sumantra Ray
André Laperrière 
Session 1: Priorities for Policy
09.30 Keynote Talk: Nutrition evidence, policy development and implementation Prof Louis Levy
(Public Health England)
10.00 Global viewpoint from the WHO Director of Nutrition Dr. Francesco Branca (World Health Organisation)
10.15 Using nutrition data to inform public health policy messages  Dr Giuseppe Grosso
10.30 The evolving nature of the international right to food and how it is relevant to the nutrition research and education Boshko Stankovski
10.40 Panel Discussion: Priorities, needs and barriers for putting nutrition policy into action in the next five years
11.00 Break
Session 2: Data Requirements for Policy Development: A food systems approach and the data needed to integrate food production with consumption and human health
Led by GODAN
11.20 Welcome and introduction to session André Laperrière
FAO’s role in generating food consumption indicators for policy making Catherine Leclercq
Food systems: The bridge between food production and nutrition outcomes John Ingram
(Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford)
Open Data: Agile data access for decision support in agriculture, nutrition and public health Chris Baker
Infusing knowledge within agriculture on preparing and consuming the right foods to address malnutrition Kiringai Kamau
(CANIS, University of Nairobi)
12.55 Lunch and Viewing of Posters/Stands

Afternoon: Role of healthcare providers in delivering nutrition skills in practice

Time Topic Speaker
Session 3: Generating and Using Nutrition Data and Knowledge In Practice
13.40 NNEdPro Global Networks: Obtaining robust new data to inform effective regional nutrition interventions Celia Laur
Prof Eleanor Beck
Dr Jennifer Crowley
14.00 Developing nutrition education for healthcare professionals and the general public Melissa Adamski
14.10 From Cambridge Nutrition Education to International Knowledge Application by 2025 James Bradfield
Dr Suzana Al Moosawi
14.35 Laying the Foundations for a Global Knowledge Network in Nutrition: learning from the Laboratory of the Government Chemist Selvarani Elahi
Prof Sumantra Ray
14.55 Q&A
15.10 Break
Session 4: Are Pharmacists a hidden workforce in nutrition?
Sponsored by Royal DSM
15.30 Essay Competition Winner TBC 
16.25 Panel: Case studies of nutrition in pharmacy settings
16.25 Break

Mini Symposium: The role of phytochemicals in health and nutritional care

Session 5: Are phytonutrients/cranberries really beneficial for health?
Sponsored by Ocean Spray

Time Topic Speaker
16.50 Introduction and scene setting Christina Khoo
17.00 Scientific substantiation of health claims made on polyphenol-rich food Dr Daniela Martini
Polyphenols and cognitive performance: a focus on
dietary procyanidins
Dr Donato Angelino
Influence of bioactive components of cranberry on uropathogenic bacteria Dr Nathalie Tufenkji
Cranberry (poly)phenols and cardiovascular health Geoffrey Istas
Cranberry and UTI reduction – a review of the evidence Dr Kalpana Gupta
18.15 Q&A
18.30 Networking Reception and canapes


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Morning: Implementation science – moving research into practice
8.30 – 9.00 Registration Open

Time Topic Speaker
09.00 Welcome and Summit Overview Celia Laur
Harrison Carter
Session 6: What is Implementation Science and How Can It Improve Nutritional Care?
09.10 Introduction to implementation science and how it is used to improve nutrition care in Canadian hospitals Celia Laur
Prof Heather Keller
09.40 Nutritional status and clinical outcomes in hospital: the importance of nutritional healthcare policies in practice Harrison Carter
10.00 Bringing best practice from hospital care into primary and community care practice: The NNEdPro : MJN Cows Milk Protein Allergy Education Project NNEdPro CMPA Research Team
10.20 Panel: How can we effectively incorporate implementation science and knowledge translation techniques into our work?
10.40 Break
Session 7: Connecting Implementation, Education and Behaviour Change
11.00 Keynote Talk: Bad Science and the truth about healthy eating – challenging nutritional ‘fake news’ Anthony Warner
The Angry Chef
11.30 Behaviour change techniques and implementation Prof Suzanne Piscopo
11.55 Using Intuitive Eating principles in practice to create behaviour change Dr Laura Thomas
12.20 A realist review of educational interventions to improve nutrition care Victor Mogre
12.30 Lunch and Viewing of Posters/Stands

Afternoon: Nutrition Education – getting all of healthcare involved

Time Topic Speaker
 Session 8: Getting Everyone Involved in Nutritional Care
13.30 Keynote Talk: Nutrigenetics – the importance of bridging the gap between research and public health messages Prof Giles Yeo
University of Cambridge
14.15 Use of probiotics in a Care Home environment Victoria Avery
14.30 Promoting Healthy Ageing – bringing together Medical, Nursing, Nutrition & physical activity professionals Prof Caryl Nowson
14.45 Q&A
15.00 Break 
Session 9: Pulling it All Together
Sponsored by GODAN
15.20 Agriculture, data sharing and the Importance of Partnerships Ruthie Musker
Nutrition, data sharing and research opportunities Nida Ziauddeen
Benefit to industry of open-data and partnerships Dr Suzana Al Moosawi
Transparency, Public Perception and Trust Dr Glenys Jones
16.00 Presentation of 1st draft of Nutrition Data Strategy
16.15 Q&A
16.30 Conclusions André Laperrière
Closing Remarks
16.35 Poster Winners
16.45 Summit Conclusions and Close Prof Sumantra Ray